Flauti is an exhilarating music band with an uncommon expertise in thrilling with harps and flutes

Are you in dire need of a music band that performs harp? Then you need look no further, Flauti is your one stop shop when it comes to anything harp performance. We have been in this business for years; entertaining our ever vibrant fans with harp music that leaves them hungry for more.

In terms of delivery, creativity, promptness, and diversity in this business, no other band comes close to Flauti. Our customers do not have any reservations in stating how ingenious our deliveries always are, and how we don’t cease to raise the bar—every single time.

If you aren’t sure you’d be a fan of harp music performance, then you need to hear us play. We know the rhythm that soothes every soul that listens, and don’t cease to channel our resource towards making sure we deliver to our listeners. Those who haven’t heard a harp music band performance immediately become die-hard fans when they hear us play. Recently, the band visited the offices of Rizk Casino UK and performed a metal opera. Needless to say, the employees at the office were impressed and applauded us with gusto. If you are interested in booking us, please contact bookings@flauti.co.uk or visit the bookings page.

We aren’t just skillful; we understand the art and psychology behind our every string and chord. No wonder even the least enthusiastic person about harp music falls in love with our play. It has taken us years to get there, and that is what we bring on board when we are contacted.

Mastering the harp and delivering good music in a way that no other band can have been our drive, and that has placed us in a class of our own. It’s easy to see how different we are from the packs out there when you hear us play.

If you are looking to spice up that upcoming event of yours with cool and authentic vibes in your upcoming event, then you can be sure that we would surpass your expectation.

Okay. Don’t think our word for it; give us a shout out, and prove us wrong. Although, you can’t…haha!


For all your inquiries about how we roll, you can simply fill the contact form displayed on this site or better still, call our phone number also displayed on this site, and our customer support will readily furnish you with all the information you need to get started.

Our very warm and friendly staffs are always beckoning, so you should have no reservations in reaching out to them.

If you are good with emails, then feel free to shoot us one, and we would respond to you promptly as well. All the information you need to hire us will be readily made available to you.

How about we connect on social media? That’s another way to get updates of our upcoming events. You could also join our Facebook community, and get to connect with our teeming fans. This avenue accords you the opportunity to make inquiry from them as well, and be a part of a larger family.

We are in business to serve you, so we encourage you to reach out to us with any inquiries you may have, and we would speedily respond.