Music is life most people will say, and they are not far from correct. Enjoying music is awesome, but knowing how to play an instrument whilst enjoying music is simply priceless. The truth is to be taken seriously as a musician, it becomes increasingly necessary to be able to play at least one musical instrument.

Now you may wonder which musical instrument should be your focus. Well, there are loads of musical instrument that promises to leave you enjoying music in a different dimension, but there are some that should not be ignored if you desire to make truly stand out in your music venture.

You can’t wait to hear them right? Ok. Let’s get right to it.

The Keyboard

This instrument is extremely versatile and requires very low maintenance. The keyboard is actually an electric piano. With the keyboard, you can create a wide range of synthesizer tomes and with not so complex sound synthesis. Just think of the instrument sound you want to create, and the keyboard is at your beck and call.

Learning the keyboard has the same benefits as the piano, which include, developing concentration, memory, and focus skills.

Classical Guitar

The classical guitar has between four to eighteen strings, while the normal guitar has six strings. Playing the guitar has to do with plucking the string with one hand, and fretting the strings with the other hand.

If you desire to build social skills and develop confidence, then this is one instrument that would speedily help you achieve it.

Drum Set

These are percussion instruments and they produce music by being hit with different tools called beaters. You could use bare hands, wooden sticks or wire brushes to produce music with the drums. Learning the drum will teach you how to break complex tasks into manageable ones.


The violin is a string instrument and happens to be the smallest in the stringed family, and produces the highest pitch. To play the violin, which has four strings, you would need to draw a bow across its strings. It requires an impeccable posture to play the violin, and then strength and balance to hold your body and the instrument in place for a long period of time.

Learning to play will help improve your discipline, increase perseverance, strength, coordination, hand-eye co-ordination, dexterity, multi-tasking prowess, and discipline.

In Conclusion

With the loads of upcoming music artists springing forth by the day, it becomes very important that you add the ability to play various kinds of musical instruments to your portfolio if you truly want to stand out in the musical terrain.

The more musical instruments you are conversant with, the more you position yourself as a boss in your niche, and we especially recommend learning the keyboard if you plan to settle with just one. Again, learning as much musical instruments as you will definitely leave you better off.