Are you planning a romantic getaway or a surprise birthday bash for a friend or family? Then using a band that plays harp to make a statement cannot be timelier. Because this isn’t what ordinary people do, it will go to be appreciated. If this is what you are looking at, feel free to book us to come up with very innovative ways to grace any event—that’s where we rock.

We don’t just play harp, we do so by constantly devising ingenious ways to startle our audience. We are often described as being unpredictable in our performances—and that’s because we are always changing gear and creatively bettering our delivery.

If you want that event of yours to create a sensation that leaves people talking for days on end, then our performance is one that must make your program. You can book us to make it happen by simply putting a call through to our customer support.

All bookings should be made at least two days prior to the event, and be sure to get confirmation from us to be certain you made our list. We are constantly getting orders; that’s why we encourage you to log in your order for any event really early.

Our prices are very competitive; especially for the kind of value we deliver for all our events. We are one company that isn’t driven by money, but a dire need to make sure we satisfy our audiences with our presentation. It’s easy to see that this is our passion, and have we been duly rewarded over the years by the quality of delivery our performances keep churning out.

You don’t need to look far for a harp performing music band because we are what you seek and more. Once more we urge you to contact us and find out more about our operations. We eagerly anticipate your call for us to talk further.

When you book us, we take care of all the logistics regarding our performance. You can relax knowing that the event we are contracted for is a done deal. Our performances are usually world class, so don’t hesitate to book us now. email: