Flauti consistently try to give back to our community by raising funds through concerts that feature our performances. The funds we raise in these outreaches have been given to community development, and the testimonials have been welcoming.

Organizing these events in a bid to foster community spirit and promoting development comes with major financial commitments, and so we encourage you to support our cause. These events we organize have in no small measure inspired youths and made them more accountable to themselves and society.

With our outreach, we have embraced lectures that encourage youths to be patriotic; we have been able to tackle communal projects with contributions made, and we hope to do more.

We believe that a very vibrant community is the live wire of our nation, and so we strive to get it right at the community level. True, we use the one instrument we have to foster bond in our community that cannot be easily broken, and we implore you to be a part of helping us reach out more.

We totally embrace financial contributions or your being a part of joining us reach out to more people with our crusade. Your contribution, no matter how little can go a long way to change the cause of someone’s life and we strongly encourage you to be a part of it.

Support our cause by being part of making our communities safer and better to live in. We have noticed that when our youths are involved in these communal activities, they hardly have time to be idle and be a part of drug abuse or prostitution.

See your contribution as one that’s channeled towards taking our youths off an unhealthy cause. We have had youths who weren’t interested in doing anything in their lives suddenly develop interest in joining our band and playing harp; just because we reached out.

We plan to continue making impact in no small measure, but we can only go as far as our finances let us. Do try and be a part of changing lives with us by supporting our cause.